Grass Seeds!

Grass Seeds!

Dogs love going into the long grass when out on their walk and grass seeds can cause many problems to them.  Although these seeds may seem harmless, they can act like small spears and can lodge in many places on your pet and it’s coat.  These seeds commonly cause problems in many areas.


Grass seeds get caught between the toes, pierce the skin and then can travel under the skin.  This causes significant damage and irritation to tissues.Affected animals often need sedation and local anaesthetic to remove the seed.


Grass seeds can get caught down ear canals and cause irritation, pain and infection.


Seeds can get caught in the eye and under the eyelids.  These seeds can then cause scratching on the cornea and conjunctivitis.

Dogs with long coats are more susceptible as the seeds get caught in their coat more easily.When you return from a walk with your dog it is useful to inspect between the toes, underneath the armpits and in the ears.

The sooner damage is noticed the quicker the recovery from treatment, so if your dog is licking at it’s feet excessively or you notice a wound between the toes, shaking it’s head, or rubbing at eyes; please contact the clinic.

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