Services for your Pet

At the Vet Centre clinics we offer the most comprehensive list of services for the full range of domestic pets, horses and farm animals. This is possible because The Vet Centre has the most up to date equipment of all clinics in the top of the South Island including DR Digital XRay systems and Ultrasound. In addition we offer a range of treatment options including Acupuncture and Laser therapy in support of our existing services, all delivered by well trained a dedicated vets and support staff.

Consultations & Home Visits.

We have two consultations rooms in each clinic, all quiet, private and very comfortable. On occasions, a home visit may be more appropriate and this service is always available.

Wellness Exams

Every year of your cat or dogs life is equivelant to 7 of ours, so a once a year head to toe examination is a great way to pick up ailments before they happen. Sometimes, vaccinations and worming can be included, and with older pets (over 8 years) a screening blood test is great value.

Spay & Neuter

As a community benefit we heavily discount our cat and dog desexing, yet they are still operated on to the highest NZVA Best Practice Standards.


Emergency Care

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergency care of all animals. Both vets and trained veterinary nurses are available on call for emergencies out of normal working hours.


Vaccinations for common diseases of cats and dogs, some of which are often fatal, is an essential insurance for your pet. Some are annual vaccinations, and other s are up to 3 yearly, all with a built in wellness exam.


Soft Tissue & Othopeadic Surgery

Our clinics are purpose built each with a dedicated sterile sugical facility supported by the latest Isoflurane gas anaesthesia, cardiac monitors and other safety equipment. The practice has 3 surgeons with a special interest in cat and dog surgery and have undertaken various post graduate training to provide a very high level of expertise.

Micro Chipping

This is a great way to ensure that if your pet gets lost, or worse still hurt, its microchip will identify where its home is. In addition all dogs other than farm dogs have to be microchipped by law when over the age of 3 months. It is a simple and quick procedure to implant the small microchip, not much bigger than a rice grain.



Our nurses provide this service, especially to the long haired cats and dogs before the hot summer months. In most cases clients ask for a full body clip which is usually done with some sedation.

Dental Care

This is another area where The Vet Centre excels. We use the very latest IM3 veterinary equipment supported by IM3 DR digital dental X-Rays and veterinarians with post graduate training able to perform root canal fillings, cappings and corrective orthodontics.



Alternative treatments are increasingly being asked for and at the Vet Centre we have two vets trained in Acupuncture treatments for cats, dogs and horses. Dr Kelly Philips has had the most advanced training and provides acupunture treatments on a regular basis. As a general guide a treatment course is between 3 and 4 treatments scheduled at weekly intervals, but it is very dependant on the condition being treated.

Laser Therapy

Not here yet, but expecting this treatment to be availble from The Vet Centre within the next 3 months. It is a big capital investment for the practice, but again, there appears to be a strong client demand for alternative treatments that do not involve drugs and where with traditional medicine we sometimes struggle to provide treatment solutions with some ailments.