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Whether you have cattle, horses, dogs or cats, the staff at the Vet Centre in Richmond and Motueka endeavour to treat each animal and client as an individual with personal patient care. Let us help you treat your animals with the quality care they deserve. For a happier, healthier animal, family and lifestyle, come and see us at the The Vet Centre, Richmond or Motueka.

The Vet Centre, Richmond and Motueka, are dedicated mixed animal veterinary practices catering for ALL animals including cats and dogs, birds, rats and mice, reptiles, guinea pigs and rabbits, turtles, horses and donkeys, cattle, beef and dairy, sheep, goats, deer, alpacas and llamas.

Our clinic was purpose built in 1993 and is located in an easy to find spot on the corner of King Street and the main road heading south out of Richmond, Gladstone Road. In Motueka, our clinic is located as you approach Motueka, on the High Street behind Motueka’s famous clock tower. We also have a small clinic located in Mapua, open in the morning and again in the evening on week days except Wednesdays.

We pride ourselves in being very well equipped with very modern equipment to enable the high standard of work required to meet the tough standards of “Best Practice”.

The Richmond Clinic is New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) “BEST PRACTICE” accredited. “An assurance of veterinary standard of care & responsibility”This means we have met the rigorous standards defined by the BESTPRACTICE® Committee of the NZVA, ensuring quality of service for you, your pets, and your livestock.

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