The Story of Mogwai

In June 2010 a wonderful family that lived near our clinic brought in a stray kitten that they decided to adopt; he was scabby and a bit unkempt but they decided he was theirs. ‘Mogwai’ began to explore his neighbourhood as a young cat making sure all that lived on or near King Street knew that HE owned it.

One day, Mogwai walked into the Vet Centre and made himself at home; he walked staunchly and proudly through this new and interesting place and was adamant that he was meant to be here.  Every day at 6pm when we shut shop, he would go home to his family. It became routine, Mogwai would be waiting here in the morning to be let into his second home, and we would be expecting to see him…we had one rule, don’t feed him as he wasn’t ours! Some time later when Mogwai’s owners decided to move away, the owner of our practise was very keen to adopt Mogwai and luckily, the owners were keen to leave him here, worried he would wander back if they moved him.

Every day Mogwai would make us laugh when we wanted to cry, make us happy when we were sad and boy would he get in the way when you were in a hurry! He taught puppies in puppy class to respect cats, he comforted owners on their darkest days and swiped at dogs most days. Mogwai played with our clinic dogs in the kennels and used to steal catnip mice from the counter (we had to lock them away in a container). SOOOO many bags of food were found with his recognisable teeth marks and many more he was caught in the act of nibbling. Moggles was great company on night time patient checks by staff and he offered many an opportunity for cuddles, usually followed by a swipe! Many a hospitalised dog had their dinner nicked by Mogwai…..he’d pop into their cage completely confident that they would share their food with him, they usually did.

Sadly, Mogwai was found deceased after being hit by a car and left us on Tuesday 4th June 2019; the team were distraught and miss their friend. Mogwai, you naughty ginger cat, thank you. Our clients loved you and they comment on how missed you are, you were the heart of the team and we miss you dearly. Sleep well little man, just like you used to; on your back with everything on display and mouth open snoring, we wouldn’t have it any other way.