Senior Management … Yeah!

moggyHere are two of our most important staff members. They don’t say much. They tend to be the silent types but they do like to be involved, pampered and noticed ! They also like to do a lot of sleeping .. usually on the front counter, where they can keep one eye half open on events!

One morning, many years ago, a small, black fluffy kitten appeared on the doorstep of Tasman Bay Vets. We let him in and he never left! Basil is now essential to the running of the clinic. His daily tasks include the meet and greet of customers and an overview of the front desk, including watching eft-pos transactions to ensure they are completed properly.​He also likes to check the stock, especially the dog beds, to make sure they are up to scratch and regularly checks the cattery for any leftover food. He is the chief product tester and enjoys this role, especially sampling the new cat foods on offer. Occasionally he helps with mundane jobs like filing and generally keeps a watchful eye on the place. When things are not too busy he likes to relax on a chair in the vets office or in his bed in the kennel area. Sometimes he gets a bit stressed and over-grooms himself which has led to the nickname “bare bottom Basil”.


This is Mogwai, he came to us through some wonderful clients who were relocating, Mogwai had been living at the clinic throughout the day then going home at night. We have acquired him now, or maybe he just chose us! He always loves visitors and a pat so feel free to come visit out boy Mogwai, after all he’s a typical cat who thinks the world revolves around him!


17 years ago Basil (below) turned up as a little ball of black fluff at the Motueka Clinic and wouldn’t leave. As all queries to neighbors failed to reveal an owner so he was allowed to stay with us. He’s often seen sitting on the front desk playing supervisor. He has had his share of adventures over the years, taking on a dog in the doorway which resulted in him having surgery. He hides out in the back of clients cat cages and going unnoticed all the way home with them. And then there’s his short tail which had to be amputated after he came him with it dislocated.