Diagnostic Services


Last year we upgraded one of our 3 ultrasound units, importing from USA the latest GE LOGIQ e Vet unit to match the rapidly increasing skills of Dr Kelly Phillips. This unit would be the most advanced in the top part of the South Island and Kelly now receives referrals from other clinics for diagnostics and ultrasound guided biopsies.

Digital DR Radiology

Just over two years ago we made the decision to change from the traditional film processing X-Ray system to the latest DR Digital X-Ray technology and it would have to be one of the most significant technology moves we have made. The system is fully portable enabling instance results in the field when X-Raying horses and most importantly, the quality of the images is so advanced from traditional film that the vet is provided with very clear information to assist with a diagnosis.

In House Laboratory

We have the equipment and skills to perform a wide range of laboratory tests immediately on site. This is invaluable in critical care and emergency situations. It is also an important part of our everyday diagnostic service, giving your pet the best chance by getting it right first time.

Getting results from pre-anaesthetic screening tests promptly, or the results of routine health screens while you wait is not only a great convenience, but reduces worry.

XRay of a pregnant cat showing the foetuses. By digitally measuring the skull size of the foetuses and the pelvic canal, it was apparent that a normal delivery was not possible, so an immediate ceasarian was performed producing 7 healthy kittens.

In-House Microbiology

The Vet Centre clinics offer on the spot diagnostics for fine needle biopsies of suspected diseased tissue, ski scrapings, ear infections samples so that we can be accurate in our diagnoses and prescription of medications.


The practice has 3 endoscope units which are very useful for examinations into the respiratory system, stomach or rectum without the invasiveness of surgery.

CT Scan (Computed Tomography) Technology

The Nelson Radiology Group is now offering The Vet Centre the ability to do CT scans for pets. CT (computed tomography) is able to produce absolutely stunning images and is particulalry useful where xray and ultrasound images struggle.

In particular, accurately defining the extent of tumour lesions in and around important blood vessles so that a single successful surgery can be accomplished, musculoskeletal disease – especially lumbosacral disk disease, and intracranial disease in pets suffering from seizures

We are lucky to be able to offer this sevice. Under most circumstances CT scans can be done under sedation only and are very quick to complete – this minimises the risks to your special companions.