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Your Cat and Feline Aids (FIV)

Your Cat and Feline Aids (FIV)

Feline AIDs is a potentially fatal disease that interferes with the immune system caused by infection with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).  Cats with FIV often remain healthy for years but as the disease progresses symptoms such as weight loss, infections, poor coat may occur.

Prevalence in New Zealand is unknown but there are many areas around the Nelson region with infected cats.  Cats are mostly infected by bites from other infected cats, therefore those cats which fight regularly are more likely to be infected.

Vaccination for FIV can be started at any time and is the best way to prevent the disease.  3 vaccines, 3 weeks apart are needed initially, after that time annual vaccination is recommended.  If your cat is over 6 months old a blood test will be required prior to vaccination to ensure they are uninfected.

If you wish to vaccinate your cat for FIV or you want more information please contact us or discuss with your vet in consult.