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During 2008, Dr John Mace spent time in Hamilton attending and passing the “InCalf Adviser” training course.

The InCalf Project was designed to try and reverse the current downward trend in reproduction efficiency in New Zealand dairy cattle.

DairyNZ, in association with Dairy Australia have done some considerable work to put this programme together in a form that a farmers advisory network (the InCalf Adviser), using information gained from National Surveys and benchmarking against ‘top’ operators who are achieving good reproductive performance, to identify deficient management areas.

The process starts with a consultation to discuss and record farm practices and gather information concerning current reproductive performance. From here there is likely to be a ‘gap’ between some of your farm parameters and the “top” operators. If there isn’t, then that is great, but we will be looking to find out how you are achieving ‘top’ results.

From here, calculations are made to put some dollar figures on these gaps. Then financial priority can be put in one or two areas to start improving.

The “InCalf Book” is used as an aid to improve these deficiencies. This FREE book is truly invaluable. It is available from DairyNZ orThe Vet Centre, Richmond

By using the InCalf Book and networking through other farm advisers, ways can be devised to improve.

Everyone would like a ‘silver bullet’, but rarely there is one. There will need to be regular inputs and monitoring from advisers at key times of the year.

Instead of a disorganised, ‘suck and see’ approach, this programme provides options that have some science behind them.

For more information on InCalf or if you want a FREE copy of InCalf, contact us.

Improvement is achievable!

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