Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Medical insurance is now available for pets.

Are you aware that it can cost a minimum of $1500.00 to have a fractured leg repaired?

Far too often we have euthanased pets following road accidents, as their owners cannot afford the required surgery.   If your pet is unlucky enough to develop an ongoing health problem such as heart disease, diabetes, allergies etc, the veterinary costs over the lifetime of your pet can easily be in the thousands.   It makes great sense to get your pets insured which gives you peace of mind.


We recommend that you think seriously about how you would cope financially in a situation where expensive surgery or long term treatment is necessary for your puppy.   They offer a variety of plans ranging from very basic to very comprehensive cover.   Be sure you know what you are getting for your premium.  Some policies will not insure predisposed conditions in certain breeds, if you have a  pure-bred animal, make sure you know what your pet is covered for (and what it isn’t covered for).

Most companies offer a free cover to get you started so whilst you are deciding which company is for you you can still get your kitten or puppy cover started! Below are some links to reputable companies for more information.

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