Fireworks and Your Pet

Fireworks and Your Pet

Fireworks can cause a great deal of stress for some animals.  Their stress may show in a variety of behaviours including; trembling, howling/barking, drooling, pacing, or trying to hide. There are multiple ways to try to ‘fix’ this behaviour but sometimes it really is something we can only help to comfort and improve.

  • Close all doors and windows, and lock all cat doors, to stop outdoor access and escape routes
  • Close all curtains to block the sights of exploding fireworks – this also helps to muffle noise
  • Turn the radio, stereo or television on to a reasonable volume to block noise and distract the animal
  • If your pet hides, let it be, as it feels safe in its chosen spot
  • Make sure that your pet’s name and your phone number are attached in some form to its collar so you can find your pet if it escapes
  • Where possible make the choice to stay home to comfort your animals, or make arrangements for a reliable friend or relative to ‘pet sit’ in your home
  • Thundershirt is a dog coat based on constant pressure over the nervous system to help calm an anxious dog down. Follow this link for more information

If your pet is particularly stressed by fireworks contact us regarding options for sedation.


Because fireworks are let off over many nights during the Guy Fawkes season and during the year, be prepared to take the above actions over a longer period.

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