Exporting Your Dog or Cat

Exporting Your Dog or Cat

Moving to Australia?

Here at The Vet Centre Richmond and Motueka we have a Vet, Dr Andrew Conway, qualified in animal export.

The following information specifically covers dogs and cats from New Zealand.

Dogs and cats are not held in quarantine providing they have been continuously resident in New Zealand for 90 days immediately prior to shipment, or since birth, or since direct importation from Australia. The animal must not have been in quarantine or under quarantine restrictions in the 60 days immediately prior to shipment and must be more than two months of age. Female animals must not be more than 3 weeks pregnant at the time of export.

An Export Certificate is required, signed by the exporter and identifies the dog/cat by breed, sex and age and states they have been continually resident in New Zealand or Australia for the 90 days immediately preceding export to Australia, or since birth and declaring the dog is not from an ineligible breed. For a full list of dog breeds not eligible for importation eg. Dogo Argentino, Pit Bull Terrier. All cats and dogs must be micro chipped for export to Australia. They will also need to be treated for external and internal parasites in the 72 hours prior to export. The animal must also be accompanied by a health certificate signed by an official veterinarian authorised to certify on behalf of Ministry of Primary Industries.


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