Sheep & Beef Farming

Sheep and Beef farming is very important to The Vet Centre with a range of farm sizes from small lifestyles flocks to larger 3-4 thousand stock unit sizes. The area does not host the very large extensive grazing of some parts of New Zealand, but has more smaller intensive farms breeding predominantly for meat and crossbred wools, from mainly Romney or Perindale breeds.

The Vet Centre offers a range of services to these farms mainly focused on animal health programmes aimed at preventing disease occurrence with a considerable emphasis on preparation of ewes for mating and maximising the percentage of lambs born and later tailed and weaned.

In addition, as part of this strategy we monitor mineral levels, test rams for soundness and advice on parasite and vaccination programmes. .

Articles of the more common diseases associated with sheep include:

We are fortunate that Dr Andrew Conway was born and raised on a Sheep and Beef farm and has a clear understanding of a sheep and beef farmer needs.