Dentistry for your Pet

Dental Disease; What’s the Big Deal?

Did you know 80% of dogs and cats are affected by dental disease by the age of 2! Dental disease varies from mild (grade 1-2) to severe (grade 3-4) and can affect your pets eating and their overall health.Taking care of your pet’s teeth starts at home; a good quality dental biscuit diet is the most important element, with some diets (e.g. Hills T/d and Royal Canin Dental) designed specifically for oral hygiene. The Vet Centre do FREE dental checks all year round to ensure a dental program is tailor made to suit you and your pets.

Preventing Dental Disease:
  • This starts at puppyhood! getting your puppy used to dental care is crucial
  • Dental chews for dogs e,g Veggie Dents, Rawhide chews
  • Daily Brushing of teeth with pet friendly toothpaste
  • Aquadent or Nylabone water additive
  • Dental Diets
  • Toys that are hard enough to chew without being so hard they fracture teeth, e.g Kongs
Signs of Dental Disease:
  • Bad breath
  • Reddened or bleeding gums
  • Drooling excessively
  • Discoloured or yellowed teeth
  • Lethargy
  • Loose teeth or fractured teeth
  • Dropping of food from the mouth when eating, or reluctant to eat at all, especially hard food.
  • Pain when handled around the head and facial swelling
  • Behavioural changes (e.g. lethargy, increased aggression)
If your pet requires a dental:
  • Your pet will need to be given an anaesthetic; this may also require a blood test and fluid therapy. When we have your pet in for a FREE dental assessment we can provide a full estimate as well as a surgical plan appropriate for your pet
  • Once your pet is under their anaesthetic the teeth will be inspected and probed to ensure we have a more thorough check now your pet is asleep.
  • Teeth that are very loose or diseased may require extraction.
  • The teeth will then be cleaned with our ultrasonic scaler and polished to limit any new tartar forming.
  • We also offer restoration of teeth, this can be discussed during an appointment.

To the right you can see a grade 3 dental before and after, this dog received a dental BEFORE needing extractions, lucky pooch!

Ongoing dental care

For continued dental health we may recommend feeding you pet a biscuit based diet which is designed to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. Science Diet Oral Care and Hill’s t/d are designed for taking care of your pets teeth. Avoid dog roll or jellymeat as this gets stuck in between the teeth and can speed up the development of tartar. If you wish to feed meat as part of the diet, chunks of tough meat are better, as they are fibrous.

Dental Equipment at The Vet Centre

As you would expect with human dentistry, the Vet Centre is equipped with an IM3 high speed dental unit that enables full scaling and polishing, high speed ,water cooled and low speed drilling for tooth extractions, root canal fillings and endodontics.

We also have DIGITAL RADIOLOGY for animals, a specialist unit for dental x-rays which is specifically designed for our pets mouths.