COVID-19; Level 3 Services Update

COVID-19; Level 3 Services Update

Covid 19 Update : Level 3

In anticipation of a move to Level 3, here is what you can expect in changes to our services:

SAFE operation; At Level 3, we are able to extend our services to ensure that we can look after your animals the best we can during Covid 19.
This will mean we will be able to provide services that previously under “ESSENTIAL “ were emergency or urgent services only. This will include desexing, dentals and vaccinations as examples.

  • vaccinations for  all companion animals to prevent disease. So, for all of you inquiring throughout the weeks as to the reminders sent, NOW you can book in!
  • routine surgery; this includes De-sexing and dentals at the vets discretion
  • nails trims on cases that require care to prevent pain or overgrowth
  • Please call to make an appointment (online booking is currently unavailable)

Closed Clinic Environment.
We will still have to run a closed clinic operation as we were at Level 4 so we need your continued support to do this. As before, We ask that you call the clinic to alert them of your arrival where one of our staff will come to collect your pet.  Your Veterinarian will speak with you over the phone for extra history or treatment plans and your pet will be returned back to you (or picked up later in the day for surgical cases). Under some circumstances we will see a client and animal in the clinic which will be decided by the treating vet.

What can you do?
We still need your support to keep you and our staff safe. .  If you need to see us, please call ahead with as much information as possible.  This will include all services, routine surgeries, prescriptions – both food and medication – but please let us know ahead of time.  We will do our best to work with you and your needs as they arise.
Please – if you are at all unwell do not come to the clinic.  Have someone else bring your pet in to see us.

Pick-ups and deliveries.
Some people are more susceptible, elderly or compromised or just plain worried and don’t want to leave their home and bubble. We can arrange a pick up for your animal and delivery of pet food, prescriptions and other product supplies.  There may in some circumstances be a small additional fee for this. Please call the clinic to enquire.

Thank you.
Firstly we would like to thank all our clients for your patience and understanding through this unprecedented period.  It is not that we want to keep you at arms length or keep you standing outside, but we have had to be in line with COVID-19 precautions. Everyone has been very supportive throughout and understanding of what is required. I think we are now all a little more confident that we will as a country, continue to gain control and hopefully eliminate this virus, with some sense of normality returning soon.

Thank you to all our staff too, who have had their lives and work patterns turned upside down and had to adapt quickly to a very different work environment as essential workers.  They have done so well in personally stressful and worrying times.

Yours Faithfully
Andrew & Jacqui Conway and the Team

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